Classes are available for dancers ages 4 and up. Readiness of the dancers is at the discretion of the Instructor. The first lesson is a trial and is free of cost to anyone interested.

Classes are split based on Highland Dance ability and ages as follows;


Primary dancers will work on basic movement such as pas de basques, highcuts, and shedding. They will learn the fling and sword dances. Dancers compete in the Primary category until they are 7, at which time they move onto Beginner.


Beginner dancers work on learning the fling and sword dance as well. They will also learn the Scottish Lilt and Seann Triubhas. Dancers compete in the the Beginner category until they have placed at 6 different competitions, earning 6 stamps on their FUSTA card.


Novice dancers will continue perfecting their previous dances. They will also go on to learn the Flora, and the Strasthpey and Highland Reel. Dancers compete in Novice until they have placed at 6 different competitions, earning 6 stamps on their FUSTA card.


Intermediate Dancers will start to learn some of the traditional National dancers usually performed by upper-level dancers. These include (but are not limited to) the Scotch Measure, the Irish Jig, Scottish Hornpipe, Blue Bonnets, Earl or Errol, Villiage Maid, Barracks Johnnie and Highland Laddie. Dancers compete in Intermediate until they have competed for one full year at this level.


Premier is the highest level of competitive highland dancing. Premier dancers are the only dancers eligible to compete in championships including Regional competitions and USIR (United States Inter Regional Championships). Premier dancers will continue to learn additional dances and steps while perfecting their technique and style.

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